»  More choices. More insights. More yield potential.

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  • Field-Proven Products
    Our locally proven and nationally validated products provide
    customized solutions for optimum performance.

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  • Expert Insights
    With the help of our data-driven proprietary tools, services
    and programs, CROPLAN® seed agronomists zero in on
    specific solutions for each zone in your fields.

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  • Field-Proven Products
  • Expert Insights

More choices. More insights. More yield potential.

High-performing CROPLAN® seed is backed by the expertise and insights to help you reap maximum yield potential from each field. By handpicking seed from the industry's best genetics, we offer a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Our elite germplasm is combined with the latest traits and technologies to help you meet the specific challenges in each area of the field, no matter what conditions you face.

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