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NutriSolutions 360® System


Greater Yield Potential Starts with Small Adjustments

The NutriSolutions 360® System from WinField is a complete plant nutrition management program comprised of various products, tools and expertise. The system offers a comprehensive approach to plant nutrition all year long.

Combined with our Agronomists’ expertise, this suite of industry-leading elements can help crops get off to a strong start, monitor ongoing nutrient levels and correct deficiencies before yields are affected. The insights gained with the NutriSolutions 360® System can help to optimize yield potential this season, and become important building blocks for seasons to come.

Fundamental Products Within the System

Ascend® Plant Growth Regulator – Sets crops up for success from the very first stage of growth, by building a harder-working plant.

NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis
– In-season tissue sampling analyses identify which nutrients levels to address, and which to ignore.

MAX-IN® Micronutrients
– Through tailored nutrient recommendations, MAX-IN® micronutrients fuel hungry plants for optimal growth throughout the growing season.


Build a Strong Foundation

The foundation for healthy plants starts with the root environment. The NutriSolutions 360® System identifies available nutrients in the soil and allows farmers to improve the field’s nutritional profile.

Soil sampling measures the total capacity of nutrients in the soil that are available for plant uptake.

Application of micronutrients
, such as LS Lignosulfonates enrich nutrient-depleted soils and stay available to the plant for season-long growth and development.


Monitor Plant Nutrients

In addition to stimulating plant growth, the NutriSolutions 360® System optimizes yield potential by identifying and correcting nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages.

Ascend® plant growth regulator, when used in-furrow, promotes early germination and emergence, a more robust root system, wider plant stems and larger leaves. Ascend is an in-season risk-management tool, that helps crops withstand and combat in-season stresses.

Three years of Answer Plot® field trial data showed a starter fertilizer combination that included Ascend® generated an average corn yield response of 4.8 bushels per acre more than in starter programs without Ascend®.

Ultra-Che® Zinc
formulation nourishes emerging seedlings, complementing in-furrow Ascend® applications, for optimum early-season crop nutrition.


Defend Yield Potential

In-season plant nutrient applications help protect yield potential against environmental stresses and boost overall plant growth.

Post-emergence tissue testing with NutriSolutions® indicates what nutrients the plants actually took in at earlier growth stages. As compared to soil sampling, which measure the nutrients available in the soil. WinField’s proprietary NutriSolutions® tissue testing and analyses pinpoint nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages so farmers can make adjustments before yield potential is compromised.

More than 250,000 tissue samples taken during the past five years have proven that farmers can identify deficiencies and adjust plant nutrient levels at critical stages. Only tissue testing can determine which available nutrients have entered the plant and measure their effectiveness.

MAX-IN® micronutrients
mix easily with other crop protection products (including glyphosate) and can be used on a wide spectrum of crops to fuel in-season plant growth and development. Patented technology drives micronutrients through the waxy leaf cuticle and into plant cells for immediate availability, building yields from the inside out.

The R7® Tool
 from WinField is a comprehensive decision making tool that combines satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data to generate valuable field performance information.

In-season satellite imagery of biomass and field GPS mapping with the R7® Tool will identify deficient areas in the field for more targeted NutriSolutions® tissue testing and plant analyses. NutriSolutions® tissue data is imported into the R7® Tool for a complete review of previous seasons to help farmers plan for the next season.

Analyzing different nutrient levels can help determine the cause of biomass variances, which is directly related to yield potential at the end of the season.


Evaluate and Validate Results

The R7® Tool also serves a valuable purpose during harvest. With WinField’s profitability map, layered maps show exactly where a farmer applied in-season nutrients and made adjustments, and allows the farmer and their retailer to compare that information against yield outcomes and profitability.

With the R7® Tool, this season’s plant nutrient insights become building blocks for the year ahead.

Step up year-long production with the NutriSolutions 360® System.