»  Squeeze every ounce out of every droplet.

Squeeze every ounce out of every droplet.

InterLock Image Feb 2015
Last year, farmers sprayed InterLock® adjuvant technology on more than 67 million acres. And for good reason. Because InterLock® technology helps get the most out of spray investments by helping crop protection products hit targets with increased efficiency. Here’s why you can now spray with greater confidence:
Let this WinField expert walk you through how WinField® adjuvants may lead to better performance from tank to plant.

Optimized droplet size

Used with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, desiccants and defoliants, InterLock® adjuvant helps control spray drift by reducing fine droplets, which can blow away or evaporate instead of landing where you want them.

Increased coverage and deeper canopy penetration

InterLock® adjuvant helps your spray reach deeper into your crop’s canopy to achieve better overall coverage for more effective results.

InterLock® adjuvant keeps droplets within the most effective size range, helping increase spray coverage and canopy penetration while reducing evaporation of crop protection products. InterLock® can be applied by both ground and air. Research has shown that using InterLock® adjuvant can reduce fine droplets by up to 50 percent.*

As part of an effective crop protection program, InterLock® adjuvant can help protect more of your spray investment by optimizing every droplet.

Hear farmers speak about adjuvants as they prepare their operations for the next generation.

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*Source: WinField Research Data, River Falls, WI, 2012.