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Harvest: Optimizing for the Next Season

Your WinField retailer has the right products, tools and expertise to help you examine each field’s profitability potential and make fact-based decisions for the year ahead. Two million data points from 197 Answer Plot® locations across the country form the foundation for customized insights to match your conditions.

Which hybrids perform best in continuous corn programs?

Based on Answer Plot® characterization trials, CROPLAN® corn hybrids have been rated for their yield response when planted in continuous corn (RTCC) programs. Ratings indicate: 7 to 9, suitable for continuous corn; 4 to 6, acceptable, but may need extra management; 1 to 3, caution, extra management should be considered.
Which Hybrids perfrom best in Continuous Corn

What are the top 10 seeds for my conditions?

The R7® Tool simplifies your seed decisions with a top 10 hybrid list for each field, based on millions of data points from Answer Plot® trials and demonstrations. Options presented match the right genetics to your soil type and field conditions.
What are the top 10 seeds for my conditions

Why should I plant CROPLAN® seed versus the competition?

CROPLAN® seed is extensively tested in local, regional and national trials designed to ensure top performance in your fields. As these 2013 Answer Plot® trial results show, CROPLAN® seed’s top corn hybrids had a yield advantage compared to similar hybrids from a competitive brand.
Why should I plant CROPLAN seed v.Competition

Which hybrids respond to higher nitrogen and increased population?

The relationship between a hybrid’s response to nitrogen (RTN) and its response to population (RTP) scores plays an important role in hybrid performance. This chart shows the correlation between hybrids that require incremental nitrogen when plant density is increased and hybrids that show moderate to low yield response to nitrogen with increased population.
Which hybrids respond to higher nitrogen and increased population

How can I improve my field's profitability potential?

By analyzing this season’s profitability in each zone of each field, WinField experts help simplify tough decisions for next season. The Profitability Map within WinField’s proprietary R7® Tool allows you to correlate input costs with yield data to determine the most profitable parts of your field. Areas showing less profitability provide a great opportunity to better align input investments with yield potential for next season.
How can I improve my field's profitability potential

Add yield potential to your plans.

Ask your local WinField retailer how to gain the insights needed to optimize production on every acre. Or visit answerplot.com for more details.
How can I improve my field's profitability potential