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In-Season Optimization

The path from planting to harvest is full of challenges that directly affect your bottom line. Here are five ways your WinField retailer can help you optimize yield potential in-season.

See your fields like never before.

OPPORTUNITY: Seed has its greatest yield potential in the bag. In order to reach that potential, every day needs to focus on defending against yield-limiting stresses.

SOLUTION: To stay ahead of yield-limiting issues caused by weather, weeds or pests, the R7® Tool from WinField provides in-season satellite imagery to help farmers identify crop damage or nutrient deficiencies. The tool, which measures biomass within a field, can expose yield-limiting issues in time for you to take proactive measures to optimize your yield.
21 Million Acres

Turn every growth stage into a yield advantage.

OPPORTUNITY: By the time you notice signs of possible nutrient deficiency, it may already be too late to help your crops reach their full genetic potential.

SOLUTION: The NutriSolutions® 360° System can help you efficiently apply nutrients that boost performance in high-potential areas of the field and minimize waste on areas with low potential. Fueled by agronomic insights from soil, resin and tissue results, you get actionable insights to quickly and effectively manage plant health issues.

Turn Every Growth

A little nutrition goes a long way.

OPPORTUNITY: Having in-depth plant nutrition insights is only one part of the equation for growing strong, healthy plants. You need products that are proven performers.

SOLUTION: MAX-IN® micronutrients have a patented delivery system that enhances uptake so nutrients are more readily available to support plant growth. This helps defend yield potential by making the plant stronger so it can withstand in-season stress.
A little nutrition goes a long way.

Unlock the full power of crop protection.

OPPORTUNITY: Crop protection products only work if they hit and remain on their intended target. Effectively managing spray applications under a wide range of conditions is critical to getting the most from your crop protection investment.

SOLUTION: WinField® adjuvants, including industry-leading deposition and drift control aids, oils, surfactants, spreader stickers, water conditioners and utility products, help manage whatever spraying conditions you might face. Adjuvants such as InterLock® help ensure more spray droplets hit the target and stay there to optimize crop protection performance. By ensuring optimal droplet size, InterLock® adjuvant reduces drift and increases canopy penetration for better overall coverage and more effective results.
Unlock the full power of crop protection.

Test drive a local plot to find answers.

OPPORTUNITY: When it comes to testing new products or predicting weather for the growing season, there is one word that comes to mind—uncertainty.

SOLUTION: To help identify products that perform well and mitigate in-season challenges in your area, WinField offers the Answer Plot® program. Through in-season Answer Plot® events, you will see how various cropping systems and products perform locally to help you make smarter operational decisions.
Test drive a local plot to find answers.