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Planting: Turning Plans into Bushels

The right start at planting sets the stage for a winning season. A customized R7® Tool prescription for seeding rates plus the right in-furrow program for each field will promote a healthy root
environment and provide a strong crop foundation. WinField and your local retailer have the tools and expertise to help you get your crop off to a vigorous, healthy start for season-long success.

How do I calculate the right plant population for each field?

Each hybrid has an optimal plant population at which it expresses its highest yield potential. Genetics, soil type and variations in yield potential across the field help determine the right population count.

Hybrid Population Comparison
Note the ear flex and decrease in root size and stalk diameter when plant populations are increased for the hybrid with a low response to population (RTP) in the top row. With more fixed-ear characteristics and a higher RTP rating, the hybrid in the bottom row maintains root diameter at higher plant densities.


R7® Tool Yield Potential Map
The R7® Tool from WinField provides personalized population recommendations for each field that are specifically tailored to the needs of the hybrid selected, based on characterization trials at nearly 200 Answer Plot® locations.

What Options Do I Have For Early-Season Weed Control?

A preplant herbicide application will help keep young seedlings from competing with weeds for moisture and nutrients. Dimetric® herbicide, applied as a burndown or preemergent application in corn or soybeans, offers foliar and soil residual control of tough weeds such as marestail, ragweed, henbit, kochia and mustard species. Including the right adjuvant in the spray mixture, such as InterLock®, Class Act® NG, Preference® or Superb® HC adjuvants, helps improve weed control and keep spray on target.

How Can I Identify Nutrient Deficiencies Throughout The Season

By taking tissue samples at key growth stages and analyzing results with the NutriSolutions 360™ system, you can discover which nutrient levels are low, allowing you to quickly correct deficiencies with applications of MAX-IN® micronutrients before yield potential is jeopardized.

75% of Corn Samples Showed a Zinc Deficiency

NutriSolutions 360™ tissue sampling analysis in 2014 revealed widespread zinc deficiencies in corn tissue samples taken across 38 states. Yield potential is threatened if low zinc levels are not replenished when needed throughout the season.


How Can I Optimize Emergence and Early-Season Vigor?

The foundation for healthy plants starts with the root environment. Applied in-furrow, Ascend® plant growth regulator supports germination and promotes strong, healthy roots. When combined with Citri-Che® or Ultra-Che® liquid micronutrients and a phosphate starter fertilizer, Ascend® plant growth regulator aids early plant germination and more robust seedlings.

Ascend® In-Furrow Corn Trial

Ascend InFurrow

Ascend® Plant Growth Regulator

Ascend PGR

Where Can I Get More Information?

Your WinField retailer has the cutting-edge prescriptive tools, top-performing seed, industry-leading crop nutrients and highly effective crop protection products to help you get your crops off to a fast, healthy start this season. Click here to find your local WinField representative.