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Planning: Zeroing in on Yield Potential

Turn last year’s insights into next season’s plans, tailored to optimize each field’s yield potential.  Using proven products, cutting-edge tools and industry-leading expertise, your WinField retailer  can help you prepare a highly effective, individualized prescription for every acre.

Which genetics and technologies will excel in my conditions?

The R7® Tool merges multiyear satellite imagery, weather data and each field’s yield maps with Answer Plot® data to deliver a comprehensive recommendation for each field. The R7® Tool’s Top 10 function rates the 10 best-performing hybrids for each field’s soil type, showing anticipated ear size and root appearance for individual hybrids.
Which genetics and technologies will excel in my conditions

How can I apply trial results to my fields?

WinField uses an integrated process to turn Answer Plot® data into actionable insights for your fields. The Answer Plot® data team critically evaluates millions of data points from Answer Plot® trials for statistical quality before sending results for further analysis. Finalized data become the basis for customized R7® Tool insights and recommendations that can help you invest in the right inputs for each field.
How can I apply trial results to my fields

How can I boost performance?

Specially trained WinField agronomy experts use R7® Tool maps to help you see your fields like never before. By looking at yield potential under multiple scenarios, you can set realistic yield goals for individual zones. You receive customized plans based on Answer Plot® insights — including seed selection, variable rate seed fertility plans and crop protection recommendations — for increased return potential on your investment.
How can I boost performance

What plant nutrient levels are needed to meet my yield potential goals?

Today’s high-performing genetics require the right levels of top-quality macro and micro plant nutrients to reach their optimal yield potential. As this chart demonstrates, there’s a considerable difference between the amount of nutrients needed for 150- and for 300-bushel corn. To meet nutrient requirements for your yield goals, assess the amount of nutrients available in each field’s soil and supplement with additional plant nutrients accordingly.
What plant nutrient levels are needed to meet my yield potential goals

How can I optimize my crop protection investment?

Review weed, insect and disease pressure from last season to help forecast future crop protection needs. By attending a WinField spray clinic or scheduling an on-farm sprayer assessment, you can fine-tune your equipment and maximize your crop protection investment. Adding the right adjuvants to the tank mix will help optimize applications in the tank, in the air and on the plant. For example, InterLock® adjuvant has been shown to increase spray coverage deeper within the crop canopy for better product performance.
How can I optimize my crop protection investment

Who can help me boost production?

Backed by cutting-edge prescriptive tools, CROPLAN® seed and partner seed brands, crop protection and crop nutrient products, and industry-leading spray technology, your WinField retailer can help you confidently prepare for the new season and optimize production in every field.