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WinField® offers expertise and products to help our dealers and industry partners win in the field to achieve bottom-line success.

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We can help your business grow and register you for access to our online business resource for growers, WinField Business Link.


Our unmatched expertise can help your customers enjoy greater field success. Our Answer Plot® Program is just one example of our industry leadership in grower education.

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Our proprietary tools and technologies let you offer leading-edge products to help meet customer demands.

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Our research-based, field-tested products, including InterLock® adjuvant and CROPLAN® seed, help growers get it done right the first time.

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Answer Plot® Knowledge Events and the EMERALD EXTRAS Pak Incentive program help build grower loyalty and brand recognition.
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The WinField R7® Placement Strategy precisely matches crop inputs with field conditions, and our NutriSolutions® Tool lets our agronomists pinpoint nutrient deficiencies and prescribe solutions.

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    We serve agriculture and specialty markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico, but our heart is in our communities. This means we translate broad-based agricultural information into local insights that can benefit your operation.